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FinanceESP (Education, Scholarship, Practice) is the branding vehicle to host and channel Professor Nofsinger's professional activities.
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Go to the EDUCATION page to see Dr. Nofsinger's textbooks, materials, course design, and general info about his education activities.



The SCHOLARSHIP page lists Dr. Nofsinger's peer reviewed journal articles by category. It also shows his editorial activities.



The PRACTICE tab details Dr. Nofsinger's work and presentations in industry. It also details his professional and trade books.

About Dr. John R. Nofsinger
Professor John Nofsinger is Professor and William H. Seward Endowed Chair in International Finance at the College of Business and Public Policy, University of Alaska Anchorage. He was the Dean of the college for over four years. He also has been on the faculty at Washington State University and Marquette University. 
He has authored (or coauthored) 17 finance books and he is likely best known for behavioral finance. This may come from his popular book, The Psychology of Investing, 7e and his new book, The Biology of Investing. These books have been translated into eleven languages.
Dr. Nofsinger is also a prolific scholar, publishing 82 peer reviewed journal articles in prestigious academic journals and practitioner journals and in all areas of finance.
In addition, he has a great deal of experience and a passion for teaching. Professor Nofsinger has taught many different courses and taught them at undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. His course designs include creative structures and different delivery methods.

John is married and has two adult children. Also, he is a 5-time Ironman and a Spartan Trifecta finisher. 

Dr. Nofsinger's vita is available:
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